I loved you too (very sad emo poem)


Created by guitarbabe02 on Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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She was quiet.
She was silent.
But inside She was dying.
A slow painful death of a broken heart.
And she was always crying.
Nobody ever knew the pain she felt.
Because she always kept it bottled up inside herself.
Nobody noticed her.
Nobody cared,all they did was avoid her and watch her fade away slowly.
She still tried to be strong.
In her mind she was pleading God
"oh please don't let anything else go wrong".
She watched the boy she loved.
As he had feeling for someone else.
It mad her sad to know.
That the someone wasn't herself.
She couldn't describe how she felt about him.
He always made her cry.
He somehow stole her heart.
And she still wonders why.
She went outside of his house and saw him with the girl.
Suddenly everything crashed and burned into her world.
Her eyes were very teary as she walked up on the boys house steps.
She pleaded God one last time"Don't let this be my worst mistake yet".
She rang the doorbell.
As he swung open the door.
He simply said "What the hell are you here for"?
Here she goes opening her mouth chocking on her words.
As he waited a gasp of breath is all he heard.
"I-Love-You" she stammered as she got her words out.
He was suprised by this.
He though to himself "this is perfect,isn't this where we kiss"?
But no he couldn't because of the other girl.
So simply he replied "get the fuck out of my world".
She felt her heart shatter at least the parts that were left of it.
Before he slammed the door she got the best idea yet.
"WAIT" she screamed! as she pulled out a blade.
She dug it deep down and pulled out her heart."NOW DO YOU SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU! WE COULD HAVE BEEN HAPPY"!
A few seconds later she fell to the ground.
Silence not a scream or word to found.
There she lay dead asleep.
All the boy could do is weep.
As he held her tight in his arms.
He wispered to her "If only you would have known that I truly cared for you,if only you would have known that I loved you too".

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