I would give my life 4 you

Created by KobeBrown123 on Monday, June 08, 2009

Ok let me look at you right now and give you a situation
One where you froze from the hesistation
Of the sudden movement and the sudden words
While other people running for cover tripping over curbs
Two men get out of a car and look at you
Yet you're so frozen you have no idea of what to do.
So one pulls a gun and says "Tell me now, or you'll be six feet deep"
But you really think I will let this creep try to kill you
But our friendship is like a marriage until do us two
Apart from each other
Knowing we can't live without the other
So the man steps back and says "ok"
In my mind I already know what these words display.
But he steps closer again and pushes you in the mud
Then he pulls the trigger, screams ring out, faces surprised and all you see is blood
But thinking about it whos gonna report the crime
yet you're still too surprised to see the blood is mine
The man jump in the car and his boy pushes the clutch
Now you're crying harder just from my touch
And no this touch is not lust

Its much more...so much more to believe I won't be seeing you anymore
Now here come the ambulance, red and white lights flashing
But I can hear em, because im looking at my passion
Yes you the one and only
I love the way you could point out the phony
From right here to there
You'd point them out anywhere
Now please dont cry, please, I wanna see your smile
I can see an inch of it, now give me a mile
Come on give me a kiss and let me see just before I go.
You know I love you boo,times two,and thats what I hope you know too
Because in your life, whats left for you to do is grow
So I close my eyes and say "I love you", while you scream "no, no, noooo!"

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