if you love something, let it go

sorry, kinda heartbroken at the moment. but cheers to being single and all you single peeps out thurr.

Created by helahebaheloah on Sunday, June 14, 2009

if you love something, let it go
they say if you love something
to let it go
but why would you want to do that?
if you love it so
dont let it go
keep it in your heart
so since were through
do i forget about you?
and all the fun times we had?
our hugs
our cheers
our laughs
our tears
our talks throughout the teenage years?
our friendship matters most to us
thats why we broke up
i need to think
everything is coming so fast
i cannot comprehend
for you mean the world to me
your that hop in my step
the twinkle in my eye
the reason i get up in the morning
so i guess "they" are right
if you love something let it go
i dont want to
but i will because i love you
so, i guess ill let you go

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