Words Hurt

Words hurt! No one seems to realize that what you say can make a difference in someone's life.......or end it. Be careful of what you say! Please read. *Based off a true story*

Created by secretkeeper217 on Monday, June 22, 2009

The toungue is the worst weapon
And we use it everyday
You can't ban it from society
You can't stop what others say

Words hurt! It's that simple!
They will rip and tear your heart
No one can hear you crying
As their words rip you apart

No one knows the wounds they cut
Their words fill you with fear
They'll never know just how much it hurts
As your eyes fill up with tears

Their words finally get to you
As you stand up on a chair
You kick it out from under your feet
And your lungs stop breathing air

It didn't hurt as much as their words
Their tongues cut wounds so deep
They should have known what they were doing
And the pain you'd always keep

People may blame you for what's happened
Others will blame the rope
But their tongues were the real weapon
Their words took away your hope

But now it's over. Your heart has stopped
And everything's gone black
They shouldn't have cut those wounds so deep

With words they can never take back

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