When Love & Jealousy Collide

A poem about when love and jealousy collide and how it effects you. :)

Created by TeenChica13 on Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When love and jealousy collide
Soon you'll realize
That when a feeling is really right
You find that you cannot define

When love gets in the way
You'll find that you cannot stay away
But when a feeling is right, soon you'll realize
He's always in your mind as you look into those eyes

But you cannot define
When a feeling is really divine
When a feeling is really right
When love and jealousy collide

No one can tell you whom to love
No one can tell you it's not enough
But soon you'll find out
What life is really all about

But when your love is taken away
By someone who isn't quite right
Jealousy runs through your veins
Though you stay calm and polite

But if your love is strong and true
And the feelings are right
You'll search through the dark blue
And find that you cannot deny
The burning feeling inside
When love and jealousy...collide

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