does my teacher like me?

ok, i need would really like to know your take this quizz, and maybe it could help you or someone you know in some way too... oh, and remember that i´m 20, my teacher is 35, i go to college, and he is single...ok and no, i´m not going to do anything that could cause him any problems ok, i just need to have things as clear as possible...i´m not going to ask you to rate but if you want to send me a message go ahead...thanks!! :)

Created by brishii on 11/30/1999

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did you read thememo?? if not read ir please...

i´ve been noticing that a lot of times when he makes a joke he looks at me to see if i´m laughing...

2 weeks ago with my group of friends we went to ask him about a paper work we had to do for him and while explaining he would randomly look at all of us but when he looked at me he looked straight to my eyes for a couple of long seconds...

some other time i was outside the classroom after his class talking with some friends and he passed by in front of us like 4 times and everytime i saw him looking at me...

3 days ago i went to the class (i didn´t have to) to help a friend study for some exams and give support to another friend who was the only one giving an exam with this teacher,and when he saw us his mood turned from regular to very happy

that day it was also more evident that everytime he made a joke he would look directly at me, and i remember one time he looked right in my eyes from his desk, held the eye contact for a couple of seconds while smiling/smirking

later a friend and i were alone in the hallway and he passed by us singing "boots, boots, boots..." (i was wearing boots)...

2 details: had to give him a late that paper work and he offered to arrange with us to go to pick it up from us a day he didn´t have to go, and also he was singing, joking around, smiling when i was in the classroom with him and 3 classmates

at some point he asked me if a wasn´t bored being there in silence and when i answered him that it was worst at home alone he laughed more than i ever saw him laugh (without being creepy)

last but not least: later my friend said (without me asking) "god girl, the teacher was looking at you all the time, i wish the teacher i like would look at me the same way he was looking at you!!!", and my other friend completely agreed

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