What J-Rock Guy Wants YOU! (includes hyde, gackt and toshiya)

some of these guys are taken but i dont care. you can go to hell ayumi hamsaki! uh i mean enjoy.

Created by awesome-o on 05/07/2008

Take the What J-Rock Guy Wants YOU! (includes hyde, gackt and toshiya) quiz.

what do you hate more than anything!

which line do you like the best?

why'd you take this?

dont you want me baby? dont you want me oh-oh-ohoh

chk a ch ch ch 'she was more like a beauty queen from the movie scene.ppl always told me be careful what you do! dont go around breakin young girls hearts-OH MY GOD MY EAR IS BLEEDING!AHHHHHHHH! oh by the way (by the way of what?) there is no right answer

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