An Intelligent Harry Potter House Sorting Quiz

Want to know what house you'd be in? You've come to the right place! :)

Created by FaitheRydia147 on 05/06/2008

Take the An Intelligent Harry Potter House Sorting Quiz quiz.

Okay, the overused question: what's your favorite color?

If you could bring an animal to Hogwarts, it would be...

You're at dinner and a prefect comes and tells you that the headmaster wants to see you. Your reaction?

It turns out that it wasn't Dumbledore who wanted to talk to you, but Filch. Your reaction?

A troll is barreling down the hallway towards you. What do you do?

You are in Defense Against the Dark Arts class and you're facing a boggart. It turns into...

You're taking a test in Charms class. What's on your mind?

You could describe yourself as... (check all that apply)

Your most prized possession is...

Rules are...

Your friends are...

Life is...

How do you feel about house-elves?

You are crossing the Great Hall when you look up and see Peeves right above you, just dropping a water balloon as big as a hippogriff. You...

Someone who doesn't like you might call you...

Okay, this creep will not leave you alone. They really want to pick a fight. What do you do?

You're passing a tree on the grounds when you hear a piteous meowing. You look up and see that someone's cat is stuck up there. You...

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