Which side of your brain is dominant?

Created by spudfairy on 05/07/2008

Take the Which side of your brain is dominant? quiz.

The basics. Do you prefer to study sitting up or lying down?

How do you remember how to spell words?

Do you find it difficult expressing your feelings in words?

What type of art work do you prefer? (Whether making the art yourself, or looking at it.)

How do you prefer to tackle a project?

Do you often tend to see patterns in clouds, curtains etc?

Which subject were you better in at school?

Do you tend to remember parts from books word for word, or what that particular section means to you?

Do you tend to remember what an object is called, or what it does?

Do you prefer films based on true stories, or fictional ones?

When looking at something complicated, do you tend to focus on individual components, or view it as a whole?

When trying to solve a problem for a friend, what are you more likely to do?

Are you able to sit still for long periods of time, not really doing anything?

Finally, the fun one.. How do you prefer to to insult someone?

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