What type of teenager are you?

I catagorized certain "stereotypes" during school. No one really has done a quiz like this before so i decided...why not...i get to voice my opinion. If you don't like your result...its okay, atleast you took the quiz.

Created by torinaura on 05/06/2008

Take the What type of teenager are you? quiz.

You wake up for school everyday, almost always around the same time...which is...?

Everyone has their own perspective of their school. What is your view on yours?

what is your normal attire for school?

Do you try to make yourself look good in the morning? (AKA, putting on makeup, shaving...)

are you religious?

what do you find yourself saying the most?

do you day dream alot?

have any addictions?

where would you prefer to be?

do you tend to feel alone?

any relationships?

What happens to rub you the wrong way?

Any talents?

if you were labeled...what would you be called?

last but not least, if you could pick your hair color....what would it be?

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