Are you Schizophrenic?

AHHHH the crazys are getting me! THis quiz is serious though I know all there is to know about schizophrenia, trust me!

Created by Cyria on 05/07/2008

Take the Are you Schizophrenic? quiz.

How is you personal hygiene?

Are you Depressed?

are your statements for the most time rational?

How is your sleeping pattern?

What is your social life like?

Define your actions in the past few months or so ...

Do you sometimes hear a voice in your head either talking directly to you telling you things or hear a voice talking about you?

Do you see illusions at all? Shadows? people? things running at you? people screming at you?

are you delusional? Do you think you are a vampire? do you think you have powers ... do you think people are conspiring against you? poisoning your food? etc.)

do you hear things that arent there? such as people walking around your room at night ... crying ... screaming ... people yelling at you etc.)

Do you have a lot of Hostility?

What about the occult?

Do people understand you?

What sort of activities do you preoccupy yourself with?

do you have a good memory?

If someone told you you were stupid what would your reaction be like?

Check all that apply!

Have you been diagnosed with any other mental dissorders?

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