What Kind Of Vampire Would You Be. (New And Improved, With COOL Pics!!!) FOR GIRLS ONLY!!!!

Hello people, I have already made one of these quizzes, along with many other vampire ones, but I thought that it needed some fixing up and re-doing, so that's exactly what I have done with this one, it's an all new "What Kind Of Vampire Would You Be" quiz, along with some kool pics, enjoy!!!!!!! Please rate this quiz please please please!

Created by BloodLustOfTheRaven on 05/06/2008

Take the What Kind Of Vampire Would You Be. (New And Improved, With COOL Pics!!!) FOR GIRLS ONLY!!!! quiz.

Being a vampire is a gift of which is not common to be given, but, could you make it, is the real question, would you be able to handle the unatural cravings that come with such a gift? The craving of BLOOD! The longingness of it's sweet, metalic taste, ne

Ok, so you were out last night at a club with your friends having a good time drinking the night away. But when you step outside, you remeber that you don't have anyway of getting home, you think of going back inside and get a lift with one of your friends

You look around the room for a few more seconds then you walk over to the mirror. You look at your reflection and realise that what you were wearing earlier that night you are now no longer wearing. You are now dressed in a gown, you just hope that whoever

You turn from the mirror and heard for the cupboard looking for something else to wear before you make your way down stairs, what do you choose to wear?

Now that you have changed from your gown, you decide to leave and search the rest of the place. You walk along a long, darkly lit hallway, lined with many doors, but none of which you go through. At the end of the hall was a long stair case leading down in

What's his skin complextion?

What's his eye colour?

What length is his hair?

What kind of body does he have?

Last of all, what is he wearing?

As soon as you see him sitting there you fall in love with him. He looked so perfect, too perfect for human comfort. He turned to look at you standing transfixed in the door way, a small smile set plainly on his face, he greets you by saying?

How do you reply?

His smile widens and he lifts himself off the chair and starts walking towards you. What are your thoughts?

He stops leaving a two inch gap between the both of you, you were about to say something, but just as you open your mouth, he lifts a long, cool finger to your lips, <p>"Hush. Answers shall come, be patient and they will come quicker."<p> He walks you to t

Ok people I have truly no idea as to what to write next, if you would like this to continue as a story, please rate, but I would also like any ideas and thoughts from anyone and everyone as to what can happen next, if another one is made, like I said you w

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