What Troy character are you? (updated)

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Created by LadyMustang on 05/07/2008

Take the What Troy character are you? (updated) quiz.

You are at a party celebrating the Spartans victory over land and rejoycing in their friendship with Troy. What do you do at this party?

How much power do you have?

Battle is comming between the Trojans and the Spartans. What do you do during this war?

A warrior has challenged you to a fight to the death. He's a grand fighter and probably one of the best out there. How do you fight him?

Who do you love the most in the world?

What color and word go best with your personality?

Uh oh. That wooden horse wasn't empty afterall. Troy is being ransacked by the Spartans! Where are you during this?

Which line is most likely to be said by you?

Pick 2 animals that appeal to you.

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