What Three Days Grace song are you?

Time for another quiz, this one featuring a great new band that I have recently become obsessed with. Yes, we have all heard I Hate Everything About You but their entire self-titled CD deserves just as much attention and acclaim. I high recommend this band, I've been playing them out since I got their CD. I couldn't find any quizzes for them so I knew I had to make one myself

Created by twistednbroken15 on 05/07/2008

Take the What Three Days Grace song are you? quiz.

People usually think that you are...

Think about a person you don't like. Now, pick the closest reason as to why you don't like them.

Okay, it's the inevitable relationship problem question. Whether in the past or the present, what is a problem you have had while trying to maintain a normal relationship?

Which do you most strongly agree with?

Random question. Pick a word (yea this is cheap but it's 2AM and I can't think of any questions)

What is your favorite line?

And finally, you're favorite Three Days Grace song?

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