Whats your Sexual fetish?

I tried to make this more accurate then most are. Enjoy! *Squeee* EXTREME NUDITY!

Created by LuvMeKoala on 05/07/2008

Take the Whats your Sexual fetish? quiz.

Your out of town on vacation, and at the local mall you see a very appealing young woman/man. What may cross your mind :

Your bold and daring friend decides to drag you to the porn store for the first time, when you get there you :

A good friend of yours and their Significant other are staying at your house for the night. You let them have the bed and decide to sleep on the floor. Not long after you turn off the lights, you start to hear noises, the kind you'd hear on HBO or the Disc

You and a bunch of friends are all hanging out. One crazy fool decides they are bored, and suggests looking at the soft porn for fun, your reaction is :

If your parents were to search your room and your computer, what would they find and where?

A friend comes to you in dire need of sexual advice, he just doesn't know what to do to please his/her partner. What kind to give this poor soul?

Your lover is going through alot of stress lately, and suggests a you give them a massage. You *would* like to help them relax, what do you think and/or do?

You just got a new partner. You either have done little or no sexual actions yet. Whilst driving home after your first session of making out, and that little grin pops up on your face, what are the first, and most appealing thoughts that you anticipate?

Ohayo desu waa! Its morning! And as usual theres a little friend to greet you. : D Your partner is waking up as well...do you want him to greet her too? Nows the time for action!

Your out at a carnival, wearing a tube top on a nice summer day. You and your friends decide to race to a ferris wheel, when your top falls down. : O What now slick?

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