What does Inuyasha think of you? (Now w\pics!)

Quiz is for Girls only unless ur GAY!!! Sorry if I insulted u... In this quiz InuYasha knows of no kikyo, kagome, or his group but u, his bro., and a few others...! YEAH!!!

Created by AnimeFanGirlThe1st on 05/07/2008

Take the What does Inuyasha think of you? (Now w\pics!) quiz.

Ur comin' home from a sleepover at ur friends who lives like 5 miles away! So u decide to take a short-cut through the woods, but it's 2 dark 2 c! U...

What ever u did u hear a noise in the bushes. U...

Well then u see a shadow pop out of the bushes and then speed into the trees. U stand up out of curiosity and then out of know where some1 puts their hand on ur shoulder. U..

The figure speaks and sounds like a guy he says (what are u doin' here and who are you?)U say...

Well he is amazed by ur answer and askes u if u want him to take u home. U tell him yes but just then some handsome tall guy with 2 purple stripes on each cheek, long sliver hair and a cresent moon on his forehead camly said 2 InuYasha (Truly InuYasha by n

Then suddenly InuYasha grabs u and next thing u know ur in his arms while he's goin' through the trees 100 miles per hour, then he jumps really high and u start 2 come back down u...

He tells u he's takin u back 2 ur house. U tell him okay and then he askes (do u want me 2 tuck u in, u look really tired?) he slightly blushes. U...

2 find out what happens next go for my next 1. Still making so please wait. Oh and PLEASE rate my quiz! Will U?

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