Which Urban Legend Are You?

Created by slyferret on 05/07/2008

Take the Which Urban Legend Are You? quiz.

You're settling down on the couch to watch a movie with your honey, and suddenly you see a REALLY freaky silhouette just outside the window! It's coming closer!! What do you do?

Your best friend's mom tells you two a freaky story about the time she saw a ghost when she was a teenager. Your reaction?

One of your friends is planning on playing a really nasty prank on someone. What do you do?

You get into an argument with your brother and he accuses you of lying to support your claim. Your response?

What kind of books/movies do you prefer?

Some guy sideswipes you out of nowhere and totally trashes your ride. You're okay, but the other driver sustained some minor injuries. Your response?

How do your friends perceive you?

Finally, what's your opinion on urban legends?

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