How sexually frustrated are you? ***version 2.0***

If you're like my friend Gina or if you're like me... you're probably sexually frustrated. Infact MOST PEOPLE are sexually frustrated because TV, the media, buffy the vampire slayer, pr0n... etc and this is not good. Has your sexual frustration peaked dangerous levels you scary little person you? Once you take this quiz... you will be able to identify the problem, better yourself and be restrained from raping your sofa...

Created by lunariris on 05/07/2008

Take the How sexually frustrated are you? ***version 2.0*** quiz.

Ok first question, Why are YOU taking this quiz right now at this very second?

Second question. Socks. Whats the deal with socks?

Complete the sentence. "This fuzzy feeling inside _____________"

Spare time. Have any? Do anything with it?

Complete this sentence: "Love songs _______________"

Disney Characters. Can't live with them, can't live without them. Which one would you pick to describe the state of your psyche?

Wow, most of this doesn't really sound like SEXUAL FRUSTRATION stuff all that much... well thats why its a QUIZ, if the answers were obvious then it wouldn't be all secretive and helpful in its diagnosis - oh yeh....

That was scary, no?

So yeh, last question, sad? miss me? want to give me a kiss goodbye????!

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