Should we date? GIRLS ONLY IM A BOY.

im 16 yrs old. single and straight. and looking for my dream girl. i dont judge. im easy 2 get along with..and such. well okay...go ahead and take my quiz. No guys plz! Im not bi/gay! and i have nothing against them either!

Created by ImRsupermanGoIN4Aspin on 11/30/1999

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whats ur fav color

Im emo. i sing. i love music. infact music is my life. I'm in a band and our band name is My Painful Debut. we play rock, emo, and punk. my name is Joshua. but i go by Josh. r u interested?

I dont have a myspace. nor im i getting one. but i got a MSN, a facebook, and a youtube. and im always on quizilla. interested

do u have a picture of urself

do you like animals

do u RP cyber. RP cyber- is online roleplay of sex. u type in what you're saying. the RP stands for Role Playing.

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