Friendship Quiz, Is your Best Friend Really your Best Friend? (For girls only)

So is your bestfriend really the best? If you and your gal pals are ready to put your friendship to the test then this quiz is for you!

Created by xxxAtomicRejectxxx on 05/07/2008

Take the Friendship Quiz, Is your Best Friend Really your Best Friend? (For girls only) quiz.

Day after day, you've been dragging your friend to the mall because you have this ultimate crush on this guy at the Pizza Place. After 2 weeks of this, she:

Theres one seat avalible at the lunch table where the popular girls sit. While you and your bestfriend are walking past that table, the most popular girl turns to your bestfriend and asks her to join the group, your best friend:

You and your friend have plans to go to the movies on saturday afternoon. On Friday night the cutest boy in the class invites your friend to go rollerblading- on saturday afternoon! Your friend:

The smartest girl in class passes a note to your best friend, accusing you of cheating. Your best friend:

Your gang of girlfriends are going to see Good Charlotte in concert, you were suppose to go but you are sick at home with the flu. Your bestfriend:

You can always depend on your friend to:

You have no doubt that when you and you best friend grow-up you'll:

FINALLY, when it comes right down to it, you know that you can tell your best friend:

Whats does your bestfriend tell you?

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