What is your Animal Spirit Guide?

Many people feel that they have a guardian animal spirit that helps them down the road of life. This is not a new feeling. Native Americans believed that animal spirits embodied everything around us...the trees, rocks, air, even you and me. Unfortuantly, with modernization, we have forgotten these noble creatures, but they have still stuck with us. This quiz was designed to help you discover your gaurdian animal spirit. However, this quiz was only ment to point you in the right direction. You many not

Created by CharlotteStar on 05/07/2008

Take the What is your Animal Spirit Guide? quiz.

Choose a few words to describe yourself.

When ecountered with a problem, you...

What would you say is a character flaw of yours?

Pick some life factors that are important to you:

Fear makes you...

Ok, this is the last question. You find yourself happiest when your...

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