Fallout 3 Personality Quiz

This quiz trys to find the person you're the most like in the 'RPG' styled game "Fallout 3"

Created by 510d on 07/20/2009

Take the Fallout 3 Personality Quiz quiz.

If you were in a battle situation, what weapon would you use?

Would you rather kill a Ghoul (NOT Fearl) or a Human ?

Would you rather live in the safety of a Vault or out in the Capitol Wasteland?

Fight One Super Mutant Behemoth or Twenty Raiders ?

OK, before i ask the last question, i know it was short...and crapey, i just want to say thanks for playing, rate, and the resaults probley ar'nt the most accurte thing you've seen in your life so get over it. Wich of these will probley be your undoing ?

What is your favorite radio station ?

What clothing do usally wear ?

What is your favorite DLC ?

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