What Logia Devil Fruit would you have in the world of One Piece???

If your a OP fanatic then u know the logia's are the most powerful of all the DF's. This test is to see what logia fruit u would have. Bare in mind that I have added a few that have not appeared yet in the manga or anime, yet I'm pretty sure they will since im 100% that Akainu will have the power of lava. Anyway ive added about 5 new fruits so the results wont be limited to just a few fruits!!! Anyway Kenjoy, oh and i if u like this test rate it for me since this is me first!!! MAGMA MIXED KANPAI!!!

Created by magmaking13 on 11/30/1999

Take the What Logia Devil Fruit would you have in the world of One Piece??? quiz.

Which of these natural wonders fascinates you the most???

In a fight you are likely to use:

Of these characters from other films, novels etc who do you admire the most???

Which one of these words describes you best???

What is your favourite of these colours???

Which of these words attracts you the most???

Out of these who is your favourite One Piece character???

Against an opponent would you rather...

Of the four main elements which is your favourite???

Which of these would you rather be able to do???

Are you generally:

What time of day appeals to you the most???

When you talk you:

Where in the world would you like to live???

What would you say to an enemy before you diminished them from this world???

FINAL QUESTION!!!!!! It's rather simple, which of these fruits would you want the most??? (Oh the rest of the quiz does still matter mind!!!)

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