A Wolfes Forbidden Love ( A Koga Story for girls only )PT.3

Alright people I am so sorry, I realized that I made a mistake in my last quiz. When I was giving you Koga's description I said that he had brown eyes instead of Blue. Terribly sorry for all of you Koga fans out there. Okay peoples I had major writers block, but here it is , number 3. Enjoy! ^.^

Created by femalefoxdemon on 05/07/2008

Take the A Wolfes Forbidden Love ( A Koga Story for girls only )PT.3 quiz.

When we left off, you just left Koga's cave with a very satisfying look on your face, with the little trick you played on Koga and now you are heading home to tell your mother of the good news. ~QUIZ START~ As you where riding on Moro you finally spotted y

A couple of hours later, it was still dark outside, and your sensitive ears picked up some movement from outside. You quickly but silently opened your eyes, got up, grabbed your katana, and tip toed to the door, where you would pounce on the intruder. All

"What are you talking about?" You asked. "I'm thinking that we could strike another deal." Koga said. "Forget it, I am not striking another deal with the likes of you." You said. You began to walk away but Koga made a statement that caught your attention.

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