On a date with Koga (1)

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Created by moderninuyashafan on 05/07/2008

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You are walking around in the park near your house. Your dog has gone missing and it's getting late. You here a soft bark, as if it's comming form somewhere far off. What do you do??

Whatever you chose you decide to walk twords the barking. It is getting really dark and you are getting a really jumpy. The rustling of a bush makes you yell. It was just a squirl. The longer you walk the louder the barking gets. (crack)

You decide to keep walking. Something hard hits you in the back of the neck. Just befor you pass out you see a wolf and your dog standing next to it. You wakeup with a crick in your neck and a head ace but otherwise your fine. When you open your eyes you a

Well that is it. Look for the new quizz ( comming soon)

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