What Legacy of Kain: Defiance Character Are You? (New Outcome)

Created by GrearBeloved on 05/07/2008

Take the What Legacy of Kain: Defiance Character Are You? (New Outcome) quiz.

The sun is down and it's another wonderful night for time streaming. But what to wear?

You have just been informed of your quest for the day, and it entails a ridiculous amount of jumping, fighting, problem solving, and vampire hunters that will all say the same thing to you repeatedly. Why not go home? What is your motivation?

There is always the chance that you won't succeed. What is your greatest fear?

Here comes a big ugly something! Quick! Get something to fight him off with or it's a good old fashioned squashing for you!

Everyone has a sob story. Say, what's the worst thing that ever happened to you?

Ok, your life bar is now in poop life stage, you have just enough time to take someone down with you. Who will it be?

Someone has been impertinent enough to give you advice which may or may not be helpful. What is your response?

Finally, how did you come to be what you are, and what are you known for?

So, who is your favorite?

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