What is your MAFIA name?

They can be Italian names. It can get really random, it can get sasseh and lame :}. ..and no I am not in a mafia or anything..just doing this for funn. :D....may contain alot of swear words.

Created by XratedMikey on 11/30/1999

Take the What is your MAFIA name? quiz.

Do you think your dangerous enough to buy and sell drugs?

Ohh and Read the fucking memo. pleaz.

Did you ever beat up a dork shitless?

Are you a girl or a guy?

Lets say...That you were walking down a street, peacefully and 5 people gangs on ya and starts pushing around and screaming at your face to give them moneh what wiill you do?

Some people from a mafiosi gang wanted you to take control of the government....you?

The APOCALYPSE are coming!!!!!! RUNNNN

I think I am getting crazy doing this let meh come down for 5 mins

What would you like to tak over anyway?

Which Godfather would you rather work with? [They are real]

Bye and I hope you don't dislike the quiz as much as I do.

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