This quix is design for two people. What you do is read the question and pick the answer that your friend will MOST likely pick. Make shure your friend does not tell you her/his answer, but let your friend read the question and have her/him answer in her/his head. Then you click the answer you think she'll/he'll most likely pick. The next question anwers 'did your friend guess right? There your friend that you guessed the first quet

Created by hollywoodPrincess on 05/07/2008

Take the FRIENDSHIP TEST quiz.

*First of all did you read the memo?* OK! If your friend could add only one Item in his/her room what would it be?

Did Your friend answer correctly?

What is your friend's favorite color?

Did your friend know what your favorite color was?

What is your friend's favorite magazine?

Did your friend answer the question right?

What is your friend's favorite animal?

Did your Bud get your favorite animal???

Where is your friends favorite place to hang out?

Was she/he right about the question?

You and your bud is walking in PETCO, and your helping your friend decide which animal should she/he pick. You friend decides to pick her favorite animal. Out of the choices which of these R his/her favorite kind of a

Was the question correctly answered?

You and your friend are talking about celeberties. Your friend mentions his/hers favorite celeberty. Which out of these choices is your friends favorite or one of her/his favorite?

Alright, did your BFF get the quetion correct?

The next few quetions are simple yes or no questions, there are NOT like the last 14 questions. please and thanx.

Does you friend tell you secrets that you can't tell to other people?

Usally, do you and your friend e-mail each other and phone call each other on a daily bases?

Do you both favor the same reality or game shows on T.V.?

If you don't like your other friends boyfriend/girlfriend. Would you tell her/him?

If you were wearing a tacky outfit, would U feel offended if your friend told you its looks bad on you?

Ok, Do you both love the same type of food?

If your friend was being bullied would you stand up for your friend, Even if you came home with a black eye?

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