In Which elven Kingdom do You belong? ~with pictures~

Created by Adanhen on 05/07/2008

Take the In Which elven Kingdom do You belong? ~with pictures~ quiz.

What kind of elf are you?

What surroundings do you prefer?

If you were traveling, acting as a convoy to your kingdom when you and your party are attacked, you would...

You are walking through a gentle, sighing forest, when you suddenly spy a silver glowing form up ahead. You hear singing gently waft to your ears and you are entranced. You...

Evil is encroching upon your kingdom. The task of expelling it and protecting your home is given to you. To protect it you...

You have been sent as a peace envoy to a fueding neighboring realm. Upon arrival you find the two waring kingdoms quite literally at war with one another. There is fighting and killing everywhere, in the streets, in homes, and fields. You...

The reigning lord of your kingdom has been killed in battle. In their sorrow, your people look to you now to regain stability and to claim the throne. You...

War is approaching your home, you are appointed to prepare the people for it. You....

What are the colors of your royal house?

Lastly, pick a phrase.

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