Where Would You Fit in the Black Butler Household?

I looked everywhere and couldn't find a SINGLE Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji quiz...so why not try this one for size? If you were a character in the Black Butler cast, where would you fit in?

Created by Nietono-no-Shana on 08/10/2009

Take the Where Would You Fit in the Black Butler Household? quiz.

Okay, let's just get this color question over with. What's your favorite color out of these? (Hides behind Pluto...haha.)

Pick personality traits that you think others see you as. (Pick 1-4, please)

RP: Ciel hands you three brand new books he'd received in the mail. He hasn't told you WHERE to put them, though. Where would you put them?

What would you say your best subject in school is? (I'm NOT asking you what your FAVORITE is, but what you're actually GOOD AT.)

A thief is trying to break into the Phantomhive Household! What do you do!?

RP: Not again! Bard has exploded the kitchen with his new so-called "meal". Ciel is waiting for his food... What do you prepare for the Young Master?

RP: BAD NEWS! Pluto has yanked himself off the leash Finny had tied and is running down the hallway! He's about to enter the meeting room that Ciel and other important people are in! What do you do!?

Aaand last question!!!! What MAIN GENRE do you consider Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler as?

Thanks for taking this quiz! Please rate when you're done, okey?

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