Would you be a good mom?

Created by LunaFeline on 05/07/2008

Take the Would you be a good mom? quiz.

How many kids do you want?

Picture the following situation: It's 2 am in the morning. Your newborn baby has been very difficult to put in bed, and he/she has woken you up a couple of times already. You're absolutely exhausted. What do you do?

How many baby-cries can you distinguish?

How good are you in playing mikado?

How many things can you do at the same time?

Picture the following situation: your toddler insists on wanting to drag a telephone off a low table, by the cord. You have told him/her off a couple of times already, and it's getting on your nerves. What do you do?

How old are you?

You have to go shop for clothes for your child. It's between 3 and 6 years old. What do you buy them?

It's a warm, sunny day and you take your toddler outside for a bit, so he/she can play in the garden. What are you MOST careful about? (This doesn't mean you're neglecting the other things shown here. Pretend you're taking care of all four of them, but sel

Last question: What's the best thing about kids?

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