Wolf's Rain : What wolf would fall for you? (For Girls!!)

Wolf's Rain quiz!! What wolf is best suited for you? Find out! Wh00t! ^_^ BTW...your a wolf in this...^_^

Created by HikariKari on 05/07/2008

Take the Wolf's Rain : What wolf would fall for you? (For Girls!!) quiz.

Your walking along the streets, hungry. You haven't eaten in what seems like days. Your broke...You see a delicious food stand of meat, fish, and other tasty looking pastries. What do you do?

Whether you like it or not you steal the food. You see a poor human on the side of the street. He looks poor and hungry. You?

A man with a gun suddenly spots you and aims the weapon at you. People in the streets start to scream and stare. Busted. You...

Your eventually run from the scene seeing your attracting too much attention. You run into a dark alleyway. A pair of bright eyes stare at you from the darkness. Your reaction?

From the shadows a cute guy comes out. You feel uneasy seeing it's a human...but his scent smells like a wolf. "Don't be afraid." he says. To your surprise he turns into a wolf. Your reaction?

The wolf examines you for a moment then brushes up against you as he goes to leave the alley. He then turns as if waiting for you. "Are you coming?" he questions. You blink in question. "Where?" you ask. The wolf stares at you for a moment. "Why...to parad

The wolf tries to persuade you, (dispite your answer) by asking : 'if you had the chance to make it...why would you go?'

You agree to go being persuaded by your own answer and along the long journey you take, more male members and some females join your pack. You begin to fall for one of the four new males. Which one would you fall for?

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