taylor lautner-true LOVE?

for girls only!*unless you're gay*. I LOVE taylor lautner so i thought it would be fun to make a quiz about him. go team JACOB! Go team WEREWOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by werewolveLOVE on 11/30/1999

Take the taylor lautner-true LOVE? quiz.

you wake up and you find out that your best friend is taylor lautner.

your phone rings and it's taylor.you answer."hello?" "hey, it's me taylor!do you want to come over and watch a movie with me?" "uh..sure!" you answer."what time you want me to be there?" "i wuz thinking maybe at about 8:00?" "sure,i'll be there!,bye!" "by

it's finally 7:00 and you're still not ready,what do you wear?

once you get there you see that you're not the only one there....The whole new moon cast is there too!(me:since he hasa small theater at his house,everyone fits).

how did you wear your hair again?sorry...

while the movie starts everyone is just eating pizza or drinking a soda.Who do you talk to?

you're having so much fun and taylor is flirting with you the whole time...

like i said-your having so much fun until there's a knock on the door...taylor opens the door and it's.......(me:haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!You'll have to wait till the next quiz to find out what happens next).

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