Personality Strength Quiz (Includes Advice)

Different people have different personalities, different skills, and different ways of approaching the world. Take this quiz to find out what your (or a friend's) advantage is and how best to use it.

Created by ThirdParty on 05/07/2008

Take the Personality Strength Quiz (Includes Advice) quiz.

First, pick animals out of this list that you most like, are interested by, think you resemble, or that have positive symbolic meanings for you. (Choose about three or four.)

Do you have any pets? (Choose the first option that applies.)

Next, pick "your" colors. These might be ones that you wear, that you enjoy looking at, or that somehow match your personality. (Choose about two or three.)

How is your vision? (Choose the answer that is most descriptive.)

Now, pick adjectives that describe who you are or who you want to be. (As many as you like.)

Do you have a way with words? (Pick the most applicable choice.)

Now, some information about your habits. (Choose all that apply.)

Have you answered the questions on this quiz honestly? (Pick the most applicable choice.)

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