Which exotic pet should you own?

Have you ever wondered if a monkey would make a better pet for you than an iguana? If the answer is YES then this is THE QUIZ FOR YOU! This quiz took a lot of effort so I would thank you VeRy MuCh if you RATED it for me. Thankyou!

Created by Shamrockk123 on 08/27/2010

Take the Which exotic pet should you own? quiz.

It's a beautiful day... The sun is shining ever so brightly. What would you prefer to do?

Your pick of healthy food would have to be...

Your clothing choice usually is ...

At school you are ...

At home you have how many pets?

Have you got LOADS of spare time?

The school bully walks towards you and your friend. What do you do?

Final Question: Why did you take this quiz?

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