Why do people hate me so much?

k what i mean by this if you ar eunsure what the title means exacly is if you want to know why so many people hate you, or even some of them, atleast you can find out why. It may not be the most accurate result but it definetly helps. So take the quiz and find out now!

Created by AdviceLady on 08/11/2009

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Someone asks for your help and he/she is a loner you..?

A popular girl passes by you and says something like ''wow that girl is such a freak.'' and it's really your bestfriend so you..

Your bestfriend is crying over her ex-boyfriend, he just dumped her. You..

Someone asks you for a pencil, or something like that and you don't even know this person. So you..

You're in alot of pain for whatever reasons, so you want to be alone. You..

You talk to you friends, most of the time your talking about..

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