It's My Birthday Quiz.... TAKE IT!!!

Ok, It's around the time of my birth, several years later. I figured it might be fun to see how much those who love me so really know me. I look forward to seeing these answers! Do it for me, and if not for me, then do it for the blatantly goofy answers.

Created by MindMistress on 05/07/2008

Take the It's My Birthday Quiz.... TAKE IT!!! quiz.

Ok Brainiacks. What day (Date) is my actual Birthday?

It's not polite to stare at the crowe's feet. How Oooooolllllddddd am I going to be this Birthday?

It's the big day, and since I am so fabulous I get to meet one person in the world who would normally call the police for stalking. Who would it be?

I'm at a bus stop, and the driver is heading right for me. You are there so you:

What would you have said to my folks if you were there when they were expecting a bundle from the stork?

What best describe's your impression of me?

If we were going somewhere, and one of us had to drive, who would it be?

Almost there kids. Hang in there. What's my favourite colour?

We're stuck at work with nothing to do. What do we do to pass the time?

Ok, Last one. *whew* I just won the Nobel Peace Prize... what am I going to do now?

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