Sesshoumaru quiz 10

Well, another Sesshoumaru quiz. Enjoy. Oh, & pleeeease rate & message, I realy nead new ideas, & would love 2 know what u think of my quizes. & thanks all u guys who messaged me or voted. well,lets start.

Created by Sessylover2006 on 05/07/2008

Take the Sesshoumaru quiz 10 quiz.

Soooo...we left off when u met this realy sweet & hot guy Mark & u were with him & u're friends in a coffe shop. They all like him, & u think he's ok 2, but u don't know him that well yet. (& if u said that u hate him, well that's u're problem couse I say

Well now I'll let u choose. I'll give u many spels and atackes & u can choose which one u can choose 2 defend u' re self.

Well what ever u did it worked & it confused the demon giving u enough time 2 kick him with u' re knee in the stomach. The 2 finish him off u did u' re special fire punch & the moment u hit him he turned 2 ashes (sp?). U finaly killed him but u were very w

(me: This is happening while u r a sleap but it' s not a draem. It' s just different place at the same time. Ok?) ~ START ~ We r in a dark castle, far, far away. A woman is walking down a dark corridor. The only light was comming from the fire on the thorc

On the other world. ~ SESSHOUMARUS POV ~ After Kyo left u come back in the castle. U were angry & actualy sad at the same time. >How stupid can I b telling her that stuff. But I didn' t even mean it. If she could only knew that, then she would mayb come ba

~ KYOS POV ~ U finaly wake up, & see that u r in u' re room & u' re wounds r taken care of. You: >How did I get here?< Then u' re grandfather walkes in the room (oh, & u' re grandfathers name is Shigeo.) Shigeo: So, u' re awake, thank God! I was so woried.

Well Im stopping here, hope u liked it. Please rate & message me, I would realy apriciate it. *Big puppy eyes* - @.@. By!

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