Witch Warrior Cat Are You

find your true 2 series cat

Created by Maylover82 on 11/30/1999

Take the Witch Warrior Cat Are You quiz.

Your best friend who you have been an aprentice with asks you to be there mate! You like them as a friend but nothing more. What do you do?

You get lost in another clans home you cant risk geting cot, what do you do?

Just befor your leader died they told you to lead the clan what do you do?

Toms, you just realized that you have kits in another clan. She~cats, you just had kits with a cat from another clan. What do you do?

Starclan sends you a dream that you are going to die. What is the last thing that you do?

Think back to when you were an apprentice, your leader sent you out hunting because it has been a very pray rich day, you have been out all day and the only thing you cot you ate! now its sunset. What do you do? stay out or head back?

What would be your favorite thing to do as a warrior?

Out of the fallowing who is your favorite cat?

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