What do the Fruits Basket characters think of you!? ~Girls Only!~

I LOVE FRUITS BASKET!! Haha, this quiz is (hopefully) pretty long and the answers (I hope) will be even longer. Im actually quite frustrated because this is, like, the 4TH time of me doing this quiz! Everytime I save it doesn't work :( Haha, anyways, enjoy!

Created by HappyFreakOfNature on 11/30/1999

Take the What do the Fruits Basket characters think of you!? ~Girls Only!~ quiz.

First question: Who're your favourite girls??

Who're your favourite guys??

How would you meet the Sohma family?

How did you find out about their secret?

You see a crying Tohru, an angry Uotani and a calm Hanajima. You notice they've been arguing. Who do you side with?

How much is the water in the glass? (This will show up in the results by the way)

Describe youself! (as much as you like!)

How would you like too look?


OK, thats that. Thanks for taking! NOW TIME FOR THE RESULTS!


What animal do you prefer? OUt of these

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