How well do you trust your boyfriend?

Trust plays a key role in any healthy relationship. Are you being too trusting or just the right amount? Find out now.

Created by blueeyesbaby7 on 11/30/1999

Take the How well do you trust your boyfriend? quiz.

Have you ever suspected your boyfriend of cheating on you?

Does your bf have many female friends whom he hangs out with oftenly? If so how do you feel about him being friends with them?

Have you ever read your boyfriends texts/recentcalls/emails/IM/or facebook messages without any reason to be suspicious of him?

If your bf wanted a girl whom you have met and is strictly plantonic with your bf to do one of the following : go camping and share a tent/ go on a vaction and share a room at a hotel/ sleep over his/her house you'd be totally ______ with it?

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