Which Arcana do you have? (based off Persona)

Based off the Arcana cards in the persona games/tarot cards, which is yours? Lovers? or maybe Fortune? (This quiz will only do (no fool) magician, priestess, empress, emperor, hierophant, lovers, chariot, justice, hermit, and fortune. I may make another quiz with the remaing arcana). All of the Arcana info came from the megami tensei wikia, all credit should go to them.

Created by Virgilia on 11/30/1999

Take the Which Arcana do you have? (based off Persona) quiz.

In a tough situation, how do you handle things?

Exams are coming up... how do you prepare for it?

OH NOES!! (cough) Your best friend was just knocked down by a shadow! what are you going to do?!

One of your friends just told your crush (pretend you have one if you don't) that you liked them in front of your face. Your crush replies, saying something along the lines of "(y/n?) I hate him/her." How do you react? What do you do?

What job would you like to have?

What color appeals to you the most? It doesn't have to be a color you like, just one that really catches your attention.

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