What Kind of a Super-Villain Would You Be And Why?

If anyone comes up with a famous villain who represents one of the types in the results but whom I haven't mention, feel free to message me, and I'll add them to the result :)

Created by Eunike on 05/06/2008

Take the What Kind of a Super-Villain Would You Be And Why? quiz.

Which one of these famous villains is the coolest?

Now you start your journey to become the ultimate villain in the world. What is your quest?

Well, whatever your gial is, you've got to take over a small city first the acchieve it. How would you do that?

What would you wear as a villain?

Would you work alone, with partners, or would you hire minions?

What kind of familiar would you like to have?

How do you feel about killing?

What would you like to have as your evil headquarters, and where would you like to set it up?

Aha! You've just captured your solemn enemy - Bob the Builder! What will you do with him?

Oh no! Your nemesis brakes free, disarms you, and threatens you with a weapon. Your life lies in their hands. What would you say to them?

What's your mortal sin?

Why did you choose this path and became a villain anyways?

If you weren't a villain, what would you like to be instead?

Tell me some of your positive personality traits and attributes.

Scenario: you, already the villain you would be, find a portal to an alternate universe, in which everyhting is upside down - your nemesis is a villain, and you're the hero! The Hero-you's personality is NOT opposite to your real one - the only thing that'

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