What Dragon-Type Pokemon Are You?

This is a sequel to my What Kind of Pokemon Are You quiz. I plan on making a quiz for each type of Pokemon. This and the other quizzes will only contain the first Pokemon of each evolution and no legendaries. It makes it easier for me and this way you can imagine yourself leveling up and evolving. Feel free to message and/or rate I like praise but I prefer advice because it helps me make better quizzes for the future. I do take request but reserve the right to deny doing them if they are...perverted.

Created by MarrinWolf on 11/30/1999

Take the What Dragon-Type Pokemon Are You? quiz.

Pick your favorite dragon-types from this list. Sorry no legendaries. Also if you read the memo you'd understand why there are so few results. This quiz and my others are supposed to be very similar in theri results.

Pick a number from this list. I just realized 6 isn't on here...but there was a reason for that. Sorry 6!!

Pick an animal that you like the most from this list.

What's your personality like?

Pick some colors that you like.

Pick your 2 favorite non-dragon type attacks from this list.

In your group of friends you are more likely...

What is your Chinese Zodiac sign?

What is your Astrological zodiac sign?

What two stats are the most important to you?

How tall are you in your group of friends?

When it comes to weather you like it...

Which do you prefer out of these three Pokemon types?

Which ability sounds cooler?

Last question and sorry for there not being too many results but there is a reason for it. Pick a song.

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