Who would fall for you? An Angel, Vampire, Werewolf, or an Elemental? (Part Nine)

Recap: You began to have second thoughts about returning to the manor after Caleb and Sage drove you home to get your things and check in with your parents...

Created by SeraphicWings on 11/30/1999

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Your house seemed to shrink away in the distance as Caleb drove further and further away. You turned back around and sunk back down in your seat, clutching the necklace in your hands. Your thoughts?

Cornelia and Caleb chatted as you occupied yourself in your thoughts. From the words that entered your ears (and out the other), Cornelia was explaining how her parents almost grounded her for not coming home last night.

The blizzard was so intense that somehow, the power went out in some parts of the city. Eventually, her parents came to accept the possibility that their daughter was simply unable to call, but they were reluctant to let Cornelia back out again...

"Miss _____, Miss Cornelia," Sage seemed to have taken note of your silence, "would you like something to eat?" he pointed to a Dippin' Donuts store ahead. "Only if you stop calling us 'Miss,'" Cornelia said, "we're friends now. :) " You nodded.

As you two returned, you handed Caleb and Sage some food. "Thanks, Mi- I mean, _____." Sage blushed. "That's more like it. ;) " Cornelia said. And so began the drive back. Your cellphone rings. It's Mina's mom. o_O; You look at Cornelia and answered it.

You hung up. "Nice save." Caleb commented. "...But don't worry, we'll get her back..." He added, glancing at you from the rear-view mirror, but you looked out in the distance, watching the snow fly past the buildings outside...

It was already dark by the time you got back. As you got out the car, you see Luke running out. "_____!" he greeted you. "Please, let me help you with your stuff." You were about to turn him down, but you see Sage and Caleb struggle with Cornelia's stuff.

Alette and James were at the door, happy to see you two. "Miss ____-" "I think we've known each other enough to stop using formalities." Cornelia cut James off. "Oh, alright, Cornelia," Alette said, "Would you like something to eat?" You say:

"You can leave our stuff here. We'll take it up later." You said to Luke, Sage and Caleb, who sighed in relief. "Wimps. I can't believe you're sweating after a couple of bags." Cornelia joked. The guys laughed and you all sat down at the table.

After eating, you wondered if there was a plan to save Mina, or if they were going to wait to see what happens. After all, if Leon and Teo captured Mina, then they'd most likely use her for ransom in exchange for the Lilith's Tear. You decide to speak up.

"Well, that is a good point, which is why we've decided to wait it out first." James said. "But what if nothing happens?" Cornelia asked. "Then we'll track them down ourselves. If that doesn't work, then we'll alert the Magic Counsel." Alette said.

"That's true, ____," Luke explained, "but it's just that well...they don't trust humans that much, especially with something as serious as the Lilith's Tear." "Besides," Caleb added, "they say that the MC is corrupted, who knows if they're evil or not."

Cornelia's tired and retreats upstairs. She apologizes, but leaves you to help clean up after everyone's done. Afterwards, you head back up to your room, taking your bag up with you. It felt lighter, maybe it's because you have more energy from the meal..

You picked out your clothes as you finally found the time to organize everything, including the clothes and items you bought from the mall. After, you took a shower and went to bed... A couple of hours later, you heard knocks at the door... And cut!

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