Do you REALLY want to die?

Most people are just playing cool when they are saying "I wanna die". Are you one of them or are you really thinking of commiting sucide? This quiz was NOT made under the supervision of a psychologist. The result may or may not apply to you. For any questions contact me and I will see if I can answer your questions. Thank you for taking the quiz.

Created by Aishichi on 05/08/2008

Take the Do you REALLY want to die? quiz.

You are standing in your room with your favourite knife in your hand. You were about to cut a lemon in two halves. Would you try to cut in your hand "by an accident"?

Everything went bad today, again. Are you going to let it go or are you thinking about it over and over?

Are you often furious?

Have you ever cut into your wrists? Even for fun?

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