Which Warriors Cat Is Your Boyfriend (Story, name, and pics)

This is my 2nd quiz! I think I am the first person to make a Warrior cat boyfriend quiz. Runningwind: You think? Me: Yeah. I looked it up and got nothing. So I hope you enjoy. I know some of these cats already have mates but HEY this is fun!

Created by Gaararules5 on 01/23/2010

Take the Which Warriors Cat Is Your Boyfriend (Story, name, and pics) quiz.

Me:Okay...Lets have...Tigerclaw! Tigerclaw: Okay what is your favorite color? Me: NOT THAT ONE YOU IDIOT! *dodges sharp objects* WHY ME!?!?!

Me: Okay lets have Runningwind do this question! Runningwind: Okay... Rp... If you saw an injured cat from another clan on your clans teritory what would you do?

Me: Okay... Gaara you ask this one! Gaara: Okay... Which one of these cats do you love the most?

Me: Okay I want to ask one... Sasuke: Oh crap! She is going to ask how much you hate me! Me: NO! I was going to ask your personality. XP

Me: Okay Kakashi you ask one... Kakashi: *reading Come Come Paridise* Me: -_-' *Grabs magaphone* KAKASHI ASK A QUESTION! Kakashi: Oh! Do you like to read? >///' Me:-_-*

Me: Okay last question... Lets have everyone agree on it! *group huddle* All: Will you rate? NOT! Me: The real question is... Did you enjoy it?

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