What gives you Chills? (Girls Only.)

What makes you Giggle, What makes you blush, What really enhances your wellbeing. Find out :) A very deep quiz, Take your time and really think about every answer.

Created by AshleyDanielleSpencer on 11/30/1999

Take the What gives you Chills? (Girls Only.) quiz.

When you Walk outside, What do you feel?

Why are you Giggling all the time?

When relaxing, What would you decide to listen to? Music wise. (Listen to songs before choosing, most have meaning :) )

A horrific Event, Someone close to you Dies, How do you deal?

You trip and Fall at school, Drop everything in your bag and Everyone sees you and laughs at you, What do you do?

The guy you always exchange smiles with and you absolutely adore, Approaches you and lets you know you have something stuck in your teeth. You: ?

A whole bunch of your friends stop by, Had abruptly started a party since your parents were out of town. But they didn't get your permission and you were in joggers and no makeup with greasy hair! You: ?

Your best Friend gets in a fight with a girl a lot stronger then her. You: ?

You're alone, What are you doing?

What really upsets you the most out of these options?

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