Expecto Patronum - What is your patronus?

I tried to find out what my patronus would be a few days ago and decided to create this test. In the end, after answering 15 questions, you'll get one of 13 possible results. I hope you like it and it helps you. :)

Created by maraudeuse on 11/30/1999

Take the Expecto Patronum - What is your patronus? quiz.

You're sitting in your OWL exams and they are really difficult. What do you do?

At school, you get attacked in a corridor. How do you react?

You're in love with your best friend's boy/girlfriend. What do you do?

Where do you stay in your free time?

What is your biggest strength?

What is your biggest weakness?

How do you want others to see you?

Who is your favourite character? (I know, that's an easy one. Just try to answer honestly.)

The boy / girl you have secretly been in love with for ages asks you out to Hogsmeade. How do you react?

Where are you at a Quidditch game?

During the first wizard war, what would you have done?

You've just arrived at Hogwarts and Professor McGonagall puts the Sorting Hat on your head. Where do you want it to sort you?

What is most important in life?

What is your secret wish?

What do you want your patronus to be?

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