This is my first quiz, and my first WWFFY. So if you have any sujestions please share them with me! ENJOY!!

Created by BlackFallenAngel1313 on 11/30/1999

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You're about 16. Your dad left when you were born. Your mom put you up for adoption. Your step mom treats you like crap. Your step dad is like your best friend. You go to school, and your top in your class but your not a geek. You follow me!?

~Your Dream~ Your walking, in darkness. You look around, complete darkness. a movement caught your eye. You looked to where you seen the movement. A small light in the distance flickered. You walked twards it. Soon you noticed you were running to it.

You ran for what felt like an hour. Finaly you reached the light. It was a small candal. You bent down and looked at it Curiously. A hand on your shoulder made you jump. You fell over. You looked to see who it was but all you seen was a black door.

~Awake~ You woke up to find that your legs felt like you had ran a 5 minute mile. You looked at the clock. It read 7:55a.m. "OH MY GOD!!! I'M GOING TO BE LATE!!!!" you shouted as you jumped out of bed. You quickly got on your School uniform and ran down

You arived at school as the first bell rang. The first part of the day was a bore. Lunch was the only time you could be alone. You ate your lunch on the roof. You were on your way back down stairs when you seen a small puddle of blood. You natrally look

You seen another puddle. you followed the blood not paying attention to the bell. It lead you to a door. You relized that the door was the same black one you seen in your dream. You hesitently opened the door. It was pich black. It took awhile before your

What you seen was mind shattering. I guy, a rather handsom guy with dark red hair laing on the floor with blood every where. Another guy was standing over him, he was more bloody than the guy on the floor, and he looked like he was about to pass out.

He looked up at you. He steped over the guy on the ground, and walked tword you. A burst of blood exploded from his back, he quickly knelt to the groud infront of you showing the that was once on the ground standing with blood driping off every where.

The guy that was now on the ground vanished. The guy behind him wavered for a moment, then met the ground. You ran over to him. A pool of blood had formed around him. You turned him on his back, and knelt beside him, covering your legs with blood.

You felt his neck for a pulse. It was faint but his heart was still beating. You stood up. You gently gabed his arms, you felt his muscles tense but he stayed still. You gently dragged him, trying to get to the door. Leaveing a thick blood trail. The door

You started to turn around, but hand with a cloth went over your mouth and nose. You seen another guy grab the first guy. you wanted to help but a rush of sleepyness rushed over you. The last thing you heard was a soft but stong voice "I'm sorry you got

Ok thats the end of this one. I hope you liked it. Please message and rate, i need sujestions for the next one! Go to all results to see what you look like!!

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